Resolving Small Business Challenges.


CFWA Group LLC is a company based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Through our main division – CFWA IT & Management Consulting – we help small businesses resolve a wide range of their day-to-day and long-term challenges.

The technological solutions that we currently provide are mostly created by third parties such as “Microsoft”, “Apple”, etc. and our managerial solutions are founded on well-known, established and leading industry standards, as well as academic models and theories. On top of that – we incorporate our own unique management methods and best-practices – as we have developed them over the years as consultants.

Through our Ventures division – we develop and provide our own web and mobile applications.

In addition, through our Branding division – we help business owners find and define their organization’s unique, distinctive and authentic voice through creation of visual, graphic and interactive marketing elements and services. Among these elements and services are high quality websites, online/off-line graphic design, SEO, SEM, and more.

We will be thrilled to tailor a unique set of solutions suitable for your organization – according to your individual circumstances, needs and budget – and implement these solutions from start to finish.

In today‘s ever-changing world – everyone can use some help. We strive to empower you, help your business grow faster and increase its stability. In short – we want to give you a break and offer some help with managing your business.




In today’s interconnected, technologically advanced, sophisticated and complex world – managing a small business can be an extremely complicated, challenging and overwhelming task.

Our mission is to make the lives of small business owners just a little bit easier. We want to introduce them to brilliant solutions that not only would make their organizations more efficient, but also more stable, valuable and fun.  

In our vision, ultimately, we are known for helping small business owners to get to a situation where their organization works for them – instead of them working for their organization.





We will help you

resolve your



CFWA Group consultants are ready to help you find and choose the right cloud technologies for your business, implementing them and training your employees. We can help you out with:


CFWA Group consultants are ready to help you
migrate to Microsoft 365 and train your employees.
We would love to answer all of your questions (:







Business-class email

Smooth migration from any email system and service on-premise or on cloud to Microsoft 365.
Training: How to install and use Outlook 2019 Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps.



Office 2019 applications, Office
Web Apps and Office Mobile

Training: How to install and use Office applications
on computer, web and mobile.



Simple file sharing with SharePoint Team Sites,
Microsoft 365 Groups and OneDrive

Training: How to use Personal and Team Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups
to share files, using SharePoint Online and OneDrive on computer, web and mobile.



Online Video/Audio Conferencing, Presence, and IM

Training: How to install and use Teams on
computer, web and mobile to conduct meetings over the web with
HD video conferencing, screen sharing and instant messaging.



Microsoft Security and Compliance, Data Loss Prevention

Configure policies to enforce data preservation on email, files and skype communication.
Enable email encryption, Email online archive, Email and files data loss prevention.
Enforce HIPAA, PCI and other standards’ policies, etc.



Enterprise social networking

Training: How to use Yammer Enterprise for
enterprise social networking.





“Microsoft 365”



Automation of Business Processes (Workflows)

Automation of basic business processes. From simple
reviews and approvals to complex integration across external
applications, cloud services, social media, and data sources.



Electronic Signatures

No more paper. Enable your customers, suppliers, employees and yourself
to easily sign documents on any device (iPhone, iPad, Android,
PC, Mac, etc.) with internet connectivity.



SharePoint and Office Apps

Implementing suitable SharePoint and Office apps for your business
and training your employees on how to use them.



Business Intelligence (BI) Reports

Collecting data from your organization and creating BI reports using
Excel 2019 BI capabilities and Power BI, training your employees on how to
create their own custom reports.



Project Online with Project Pro for Microsoft 365

Implementing Project Professional 2019 application in your business, configuring
a dedicated project site for your business, training your project managers and
employees on how to easily plan & manage their projects.



Please feel free to contact us with any question or need you might have.

Email - info@CFWAGroup.com | Phone - (424) 666-0995 | Fax - (424) 465-1292

West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA

While based in Los Angeles, CA, USA –
we operate all around the world.